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medical care for film production.


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M Attend Film is the only company in Japan that provides safety measures and medical cooperation specifically for filming locations.

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M Attend Film is the only company in Japan that has introduced a Health and Safety department, which is commonly installed at video production sites in Europe and the United States, into Japan. We are experts in maintaining occupational health, safety management, medical support, and compliance at production sites.

Provided by M Attend Film



  1. Safety management
  2. Occupational safety and health plan creation
  3. Fire behavior Technical Advisors
  4. Food Loss,Trash reduction Plan(Greens)



Health & Safety Advisors

We perform safety management at the production site based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act. We understand the rules of the shoot site and ensure that we work safely. We will deploy the necessary equipment and staff to suit any location or environment, including high places, low places, and closed spaces.

  1. Monitoring of work in high places (low places)
  2. Special environments such as mountainous areas and underwater
  3. Environmental maintenance under high and low temperatures
  4. Monitoring of dangerous special effects scenes
  5. Safety measures such as organizing wiring within the studio
  6. Evacuation guidance in the event of a disaster plan


Onsite Medics support

We take safety measures to ensure that no medical staff is required at the filming location, and our goal is to have no accidents. However, in the unlikely event that you are injured or sick during filming, we understand the characteristics of the filming location and arrange medical equipment and staff that are appropriate for the environment.

  1. On-site relief
  2. Preparing appropriate medical equipment
  3. Preparing a sanitary environment
  4. Referring to medical institutions
  5. Measures against infectious diseases


Our goal is to take charge of safety management duties and reduce the workload of the person in charge of production, allowing them to focus on their primary production duties.

Providing the best solutions for the photography industry

We were in charge of operating a first aid station at the Internet Governance Forum Kyoto 2023, an international conference sponsored by the United Nations.

Prime Minister Kishida and other bureaucrats and celebrities from around the world will be visiting the venue, and a strict security system will be in place.Our company has established a command and communication system with various departments, including UN security, operational staff, police, private security, and fire departments, to ensure that we are able to respond in the event of an emergency. I coordinated a wide range of tasks, including the division of activities, and was involved in meeting management from the perspective of safety measures and medical cooperation. Our company's "safety measures and medical cooperation" were well received by the United Nations Security and we received a letter of appreciation.

Letter of appreciation


Toho Co., Ltd. / TOEI COMPANY, LTD. / Shochiku Co., Ltd. / NIKKATSU CORPORATION / Daiei Film. / Netflix works/WOWOWworks / Aeon Entertainment Co., Ltd. / and more


  1. 水上のフライト(2020)
  2. マイ・ダディ(2021)
  3. 先生、私の隣に座っていただけませんか?(2021)
  4. モダンラブ・東京(2022)
  5. 大河への道(2022)
  6. 大怪獣のあとしまつ(2022)
  7. あちらにいる鬼(2022)
  8. HOMESTAY(2022)
  9. エゴイスト(2023)
  10. 最後まで行く(2023)
  11. 美しい彼 eternal(2023)
  12. THE DAYS(2023)
  13. TOKYO VICE(2023)
  14. モナーク:レガシー・オブ・モンスターズ(2023)
  15. FIXER(2023)
  16. 春画先先(2023)
  17. グランツーリスモ(2023)
  18. Satomi(2023)
  19. ゴールデンカムイ(2024)
  20. その他公開前作品

TV drama

  1. Silent フジテレビ系列 (2023)
  2. あなたがしてくれなくても フジテレビ系(2023)
  3. その他


  1. CM works
  2. Foreign works
  3. YouTube works
  4. Variety works
  5. Promotional works
  6. Educational video works
  7. etc.


MAJ/MAF is the only Health And Safety company in Japan. We provide safety measures and medical support for production sites in accordance with Japanese law.

Japan is a very safe country. However, it is also a country with many disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons. There are also many places unique to Japan, such as places where many cars drive, many people pass, downtown areas at night, and dense alleys. There is no problem if you take appropriate measures.

We will support you and your crew to make your production safe. Thank you.


Hiroomi Suka

Ownership qualification

  1. JPTEC / Japan Prehospital Trauma Evaluation and Care
  2. ITLS / International Trauma Life Support
  3. MCLS / Mass Casualty Life Support
  4. ICLS / Immediate Cardiac Life Support
  5. MCLS instructor
  6. MICLS instructor
  7. MIndustrial Safety and Health Act Safety Manager
  8. MUnmanned aircraft operator(drone) more
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We look forward to building solutions together.


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